How Do You File a Claim Under Illinois Workman's Comp?


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File an Illinois Workers Compensation claim by notifying your employer within 45 days of the injury and then mailing or giving your employer an Application for Adjustment of Claim along with a proof or service stating that you did this, according to Nolo. In most cases, you must file the Application for Adjustment of Claim within three years after your injury or disablement.

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Some exceptions to the filing deadline for the Application for Adjustment of Claim include asbestos-related injuries, pneumoconiosis, radiation exposure and berylliosis, or injuries related to the inhalation of silica dust, states Nolo. The filing deadline is 25 years after the last exposure for asbestos, five years after the last exposure for pneumoconiosis, 25 years after the last exposure for radiation and three years from the last exposure for berylliosis or silica-related injuries.

There is no need to file this form if your employer is paying for your medical treatment and you are already getting temporary or permanent disability payments, reports Nolo. You must file the form if you need the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission to order your employer to pay these benefits to you. After you inform your employer about your injury, he is supposed to notify the insurer to start the claims process, and within 30 days, he must also file an accident report with the Commission.

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