How Do You File a Claim With Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance?

It is possible to file a claim with the Kentucky Farm Bureau during normal business hours by calling a local agent, advises the Kentucky Farm Bureau. As of 2015, the telephone number to call to report a claim after business hours is 866-532-2524. After-hours service is available from 4:30 9 a.m. EST, Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Local agent contact information is available by clicking the Claims Offices link under the Claims Information heading on the home page, as indicated on the website. The two-part prompt includes a section where a site visitor can click By County under the Locate a Claims Office heading, and then select a county from the drop-down menu. Information provided on the search results page includes the office name, address and telephone number. A link to get directions is also available.

Individuals preparing to file a claim with the Kentucky Farm Bureau should have specific information available, including date, time and location of accident, list of people and property involved, and the police report number, explains the Kentucky Farm Bureau. A description of damage and injuries, and a description of what happened, contact information for witnesses, and contact information for the other party also helps the agent.