How Do You File a Claim With Homesite Insurance?

To file a claim with Homesite Insurance, call the company at 866-621-4823 and follow the menu instructions for claims, or use the online claim service at After the claim is reported, Homestead Insurance contacts you with further information about the process, according to Homesite.

Promptly contact Homesite Insurance regarding filing a claim. Your claim report should include information about your damaged or stolen property, such as where and when your items were purchased, as well as the cost and model numbers of your items. Do not throw away any damaged property, advises Homesite. Your adjuster may need to see it to complete your claim.

The insurance adjuster usually contacts claimants within 24 hours after claims are filed. Sometimes an investigation and an inspection are necessary parts of the claim process. Additional documentation, such as a copy of a police report, may be required, as stated by Homesite. A field adjuster may come to your home to physically inspect the damage.

Settlements of claims are payments for the value of lost or damaged property, less any depreciation and the cost of your deductible. Documentation of the settlement provided to insurance holders at the time of settlement covers all aspects of the claim, as explained by Homesite.