How Do You Figure Out a Worker's Compensation Statement?


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Statements made regarding worker's compensation claims must explain accident details consistently to co-workers, supervisors and doctors, according to AllLaw. Injured workers who need help figuring out what to say during a recorded statement should consult with an experienced attorney before giving a statement.

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Insurance companies handling worker's compensation claims often look for discrepancies in recorded statements, which allows them to deny claims. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask leading questions during the interview, and these questions are designed to steer workers into minimizing the accident. The adjuster tries to make the accident seem as if nothing unusual happened to cause the accident, and the questions reflect this mindset. Workers avoid falling into this common trap by not agreeing that circumstances leading up to the accident were normal. Workers must truthfully explain every detail about the accident, the injury and emphasize unusual factors that caused it to happen.

Injured workers should not feel guilty about causing the accident that resulted in injury, because employee negligence is not grounds for denying worker's compensation benefits, notes The Law Offices of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC. While workers are not legally obligated to give a recorded statement to insurers, refusal to provide the adjuster with a statement may lead to a rejection of benefits, AllLaw notes.

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