What Fields Offer Jobs for Immediate Hire?

Fields offering jobs for immediate hire include hospitality, retail sales, marketing and transportation; employers hiring immediately include restaurants, retail stores, telemarketing firms and delivery companies. Employers also hire immediately in professional fields, including construction, medical assisting and information technology.

Restaurants, hotels, catering firms and bars have a high rate of employee turnover and often hire servers, busboys and dishwashers on the spot. Retailers constantly expand operations and may hire salespeople immediately to maintain staffing. Delivery companies often hire drivers immediately to meet demand during their busiest times of year, such as holidays and seasonal events. Temporary agencies work with employers to fill urgent employment needs and may hire and assign workers immediately after interviewing.

Non-union construction jobs often require laborers immediately for large projects. Nurse assistant jobs may provide paid training and immediate placement for qualified applicants. Information technology firms often hire technicians immediately for help desk and hardware maintenance positions.