What Fields Go on a Janitorial Contract Bid?

A janitorial contract bid include fields for information such as the name and address of the bidding party, the specific cleaning duties for each section of the facility, and an estimation of the total amount for the job. The form may also contain areas for additional expenses, such as supplies or equipment, as well as a schedule for completing the project.

Janitorial contract bids allow a custodial company or professional to make a proposal for the cost of a job to a potential client, often as a consideration among several other bids. The form commonly begins with the personal information for the bidder, which includes the name of the company and website address, if any, as well as the contact phone number, email address and mailing address. It should also include the name and address of the client and a specific date or date range in which the cleaner can perform the job.

The body of the form outlines the specific cleaning services to perform, often breaking it down into unique segments such as floors of an office building or the different rooms in a facility. Each section needs to feature the exact description of the tasks the cleaner plans to perform, including vacuuming the floor, wiping windows and addressing any special surfaces. The form ends with an estimation of the total length of the job, often in hours, and all the relevant costs, including any fees or discounts.