What Are Some Fields on a Blank Job Application?


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Some fields on a job application include name, address, contact information, educational background and work history. Every company's job applications vary; other possible fields are references, licenses held and acquired job skills.

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When filling out a job application, applicants should write clearly and give truthful responses. Individuals should dress professionally and should also bring their own black ink pens to fill out the application. Once completed, job candidates should review their information to ensure that it is correct.

Applicants should also tailor their responses to the specific job for which they are applying. For example, individuals who seek customer service positions can highlight how they performed customer service tasks in the job duties field of an application.

It's best to fill out the entire application and leave no blank spaces. If an aspect of the application doesn't apply, applicants should write "not applicable" or explain the reason why the section was left blank, suggests MoneyZine.com.

When asked about salary requirements, it's best not to get too specific, recommends MoneyZine.com. This allows applicants to negotiate their salary if they are invited for an interview. In this field, candidates can simply write "negotiable."

If an employer requests a list of references on the application, candidates should be prepared to provide the information. Applicants should also inform any references that an employer may contact them for employment verification.

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