In Which Field Do J.D. Power Surveys Specialize?

J.D. Power and Associates is an American-based global marketing information services firm that conducts surveys of customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behavior for industries including cars, marketing and advertising. The firm is best known for its research on customer satisfaction on new-car quality and dependability.

J.D. Power conducts several different annual surveys in the automotive field in the United States and abroad. The mbest-known is the firm’s Vehicle Dependability Survey, or VDS, which measures problems experienced after three years of ownership. The firm also conducts an Initial Quality Survey, or IQS that measures problems experienced within 90 days of ownership of the vehicle.

Although the company is known for its endorsement of products, the majority of its revenue comes from corporations that want the data collected by J.D. Power for internal use. The company also collects off of other companies using the J.D. Power logo and survey results, which costs money to use for advertising purposes.

The firm began conducting surveys in 1968 when it was first founded by James David Power III. The services of the firm not only include industry-wide syndicated surveys and studies, but also proprietary research, consulting, training and automotive forecasting. The company is now part of the Information and Media Group of McGraw Hill Financial, who purchased it from the previous owner and company creator James David Power in 2005.