What Do Field Inspection Companies Do?


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Field services companies hire and provide on-the-job training to qualified field inspectors, whose work involves evaluating properties for possible problems and performing minor maintenance services for clients. Most field services companies require contractors to prepare their own transportation and equipment such as computers and cameras.

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Field services companies do not require particular formal education when hiring prospective field inspectors. They mainly look for candidates with excellent communication and technological skills. Insurance companies, mortgage lenders, banks and other financial institutions usually contact field services companies to assess the condition of homes, vehicles or businesses.

Field inspectors may be hired to check a house for potential issues before an insurance firm provides a home insurance policy to a customer. Lenders also use their services to verify the lack of occupancy in a foreclosed property or to perform minor maintenance if necessary. Knowledge of appliances and piping is essential if inspectors provide property preservation services.

Field inspectors generally drive to an area, conduct a visual inspection, take pictures and create a written report. They also sometimes conduct appraisals. When tasked to preserve a property, field inspectors may have to change locks, drain water heaters, close the water supply or board windows. Other possible duties of field inspectors include confirming a business address, inspecting vehicles or other assets related to a claim, and contacting borrowers who refuse to communicate with their lenders.

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