What Is FIA Card Services for Credit Cards?

What Is FIA Card Services for Credit Cards?

FIA Card Services is a banking institution that issues and administers credit cards for companies such as Fidelity. The company offers several credit cards, and the terms vary by offer.

Credit approval, fees and interest rates are based on FIA Card Services analysis of the customer's credit history and score. Current card holders can request a copy of their credit agreement or ask other questions by calling customer service at 1 800-655-1491. Representatives are available 24 hours a day.

Additionally, customers can access their account online with FIA Card Services NetAccess. Once logged in, customers can view transactions, make a payment, update personal information, request additional credit and transfer balances.

Customers can enroll in NetAccess by entering their account and personal information, and once their identity is verified, customers create a user name and password. The site ensures customer information is secure by using HTML 4.0, 128bit SSL encryption and JavaScript.

As of 2104, FIA Card Services is owned by Bank of America and is headquartered at 1100 North King Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19884. The company was formerly named MBNA America and was founded in 1991.

In addition to offering credit cards, FIA Card Services offers personal loans, lines of credit and insurance products.