What Are the FHA Appraisal Guidelines?


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Federal Housing Administration appraisal guidelines dictate that a property's exterior, interior and systems be in good condition, and the house must not pose environmental risks, according to SFGate. The property should not have physical limitations to ensure the safety and health of the occupants.

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The appraiser usually checks if the house was built before 1978 because it may contain lead paint, which endangers the occupant's health, explains SFGate. He also ensures that the pipes have no asbestos. The roof must have a remaining life of at least two years, and it should not have more than three layers of roofing materials. In case the roof is faulty, repairs must be made.

The occupant must ensure all electrical appliances are in good working order, according to SFGate. Certain unconventional heating systems and private sewer systems are permissible as long as they meet the requirements of state law and health authorities.

Both the basement and attic should be in good condition, states SFGate. Water and structural systems must be serviceable, and all installed appliances need to be functional. FHA allows sump pumps that are in good condition. Ceilings and windows must be leak-free, and crawl spaces must be well-ventilated and contain no moisture.

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