How Do You Find Female Real Estate Agents?


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Find a female real estate agent by using the agent and office search tools on sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Redfin.com and ZipReality.com, as of 2015. Check the agent listing for a picture to identify female real estate agents, or contact the agent and the office to inquire about the gender of the agents.

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Realtor.com contains a search tool that allows you to search by an agent's name and the city and state or ZIP code in which she operates. You may also modify the search to focus on teams or companies as well as add criteria such as qualifications and accreditation from different national agencies.

The agent search tool on Zillow.com also features the same location and agent name search tools, as well as the option to focus on groups of agents rather than an individual. It is possible to sort results according to the most active agents and view client reviews.

Redfin.com allows you to search for a location first to see a listing of active agents, or select a major region in which its agents operate. All agent listings include a picture and client reviews.

ZipRealty.com allows you to search for either a location to view agents or only the name of the agent to see all matches. As you type an agents name in the search field, the site automatically populates a result according to its database of registered agents.

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