Where Are the FEMA Camps Located?


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So-called FEMA camps are a conspiracy-theory related myth that have been consistently debunked and do not actually exist, as reported by Popular Mechanics. Theorists who believe in this myth say that the camps are located in remote areas of the United States, including Wyoming. Satellite images do in fact depict maximum-security detention facilities in a remote location, but they are prison facilities in North Korea, not FEMA camps operated by the U.S. Government.

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Some believers think that the United States Government operates hundreds of concentration-camp-style facilities that hold citizens against their will. The theories are somewhat complex but often focus on the supposed activities of a real federal agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Proponents of the theory often misrepresent, either knowingly or unknowingly, images of buildings and other facilities, such as factories or National Guard posts, as being proof of the existence of FEMA camps.

Public figures such as professional wrestler, television host and one-time Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura are popular sources of the FEMA camp myth, according to Death and Taxes Magazine. Ventura's television show, "Conspiracy Theories," once did an episode focused on the FEMA camp issue, but failed to provide conclusive proof of the camps' existence.

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