How Do You Find Felony-Friendly Apartments for a Released Inmate?


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To find an apartment that accepts recently released inmates, check with local churches, Christian organizations, government agencies and other non-profit groups that assist felons, states Prison Fellowship. Many states also have reentry programs for ex-inmates that can assist felons with finding housing, notes Help For Felons.

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The Help For Felons website maintains a list of reentry programs that assist felons with reentering society and may assist felons with finding housing. For example, The Foundry Ministries in Alabama assists felons with finding jobs, housing and support and provides programs that assist felons for up to six months after release. Recently released felons might also consider contacting local housing authorities, which often have felon-friendly apartments, though felons may be subject to a waiting period before receiving housing opportunities.

Local organizations can help provide suggestions for homeless shelters, halfway houses and low-cost rentals that provide housing to felons, explains Prison Fellowship. After receiving information on each rental possibility, it is important to verify resources, gather details on the apartment, make a list of pros and cons, and to determine if the apartment does indeed rent to felons. It also helps to speak with the person who makes the decision on tenants at the location.

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