What Are Some Felon-Friendly Jobs?

There are many job opportunities for workers with felony records. Common positions held by felons include truck driver, warehouse worker, customer service representative, welder, construction worker, laborer and salesperson. An ex-con's chances of landing a job depend greatly on the attitude of the employer. Some employers bar felons from hire, while others bar only felons convicted of certain offenses or within a certain time period prior to application for employment.

Many felons become truck drivers, because criminal-history standards are more liberal than in most industries, though vehicle-related crimes or multiple felonies may often disqualify a candidate from a trucking job. Warehouses hire felons for numerous positions, including forklift operators and laborers. Many customer-service jobs are open to felons. Security-officer positions are also open to many felons, depending on the offense and the elapsed time between conviction and application.

Some employers have felon-friendly reputations. Applebee's hires felons as hourly team members, managers and corporate office-support personnel. IHOP also hires felons for various positions, as do Golden Corral and Aramark Food Services. Goodwill Industries hires felons but bars those convicted of violent crimes or sex offenses. Typically, sex and drug offenders have a more difficult time finding a job than other convicts.