What Are the Fees for a First Savings Bank Credit Card?


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Neither of the credit cards offered by First Savings Bank, the low rate card or the preferred points card, carry an annual fee, as of February 2015. Both have a late or returned payment fee of $25.

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On balance transfers or cash advances, the fee for both cards is $10 or 3 percent of the total amount transferred or advanced, whichever is greater. Any international transactions carry a fee equal to 2 percent of the transaction amount. Phone payments on the credit card can carry a fee up to $10 for both card types.

The annual percentage rate on both credit cards is 2.9 percent for the first six months. It then increases to 10.24 percent for the low rate card or 15.24 percent for the preferred points card. The APR varies with the prime market rate. A penalty APR increase to 19.24 percent may be applied if an account is past due for a certain period of time.

Both cards come in either a Visa Classic, Visa Platinum or Gold MasterCard format. The preferred points card earns one point per dollar spent, with a maximum of 10,000 points earned per month. Points can be redeemed for rewards. Both cards allow account management online and have 24 hour customer service phone support.

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