How Do You Find Federal Tax Brackets?

How Do You Find Federal Tax Brackets?

Updated tax brackets or tax tables can by found by going to the official Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website, navigating to the forms and publication page and then clicking on links to download the tax tables. The tax table, along with the forms and instructions, are in portable data file (PDF) format. For the tax year 2015, the IRS made more than 40 updates to the tax tables, according to Forbes.

The IRS makes more than 40 updates to the tax tables each year to prevent a phenomenon called a "bracket creep," states A bracket creep occurs when a taxpayer gets pushed to higher brackets and gets reduced value due from credits or deductions because of inflation.

The following shows one way of searching for federal tax brackets.

  1. Go to the IRS website
  2. Type on the browser and press enter.

  3. Navigate to the Forms and Publications page
  4. On the menu bar near the top portion of the IRS homepage, click on the Forms & Pubs tab located between the News & Events and Help & Resources tab.

  5. Click on the tax tables link
  6. On the following page, locate the link marked Instructions for 1040 Tax Table and then click on the link. This will automatically download the tax table for the following taxable year.