How Do You Find Free Federal Grant Money?

How Do You Find Free Federal Grant Money?

To find free federal grant money, talk to a government official or apply through government websites that deal with grants and loans. In most cases, grants are not provided to individuals but to institutions such as universities, research programs, law enforcement and cities, notes

Individuals and organizations are advised to seek government grants or loans through official government websites or offices in order to avoid scams, states Use the following steps to find government grants.

  1. Search the Internet
  2. Go online and carry out a search regarding federal grants. Read all resources that may help provide leads on government grants. Some of the most helpful websites to try include, and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at

  3. Browse each website
  4. Choose any website and browse through it to find more information regarding grants available and the eligibility criteria. Federal grants are rarely awarded to individuals. However, there are certain government programs that may provide assistance in the form of loans.

  5. Apply for a grant
  6. On the website, click on the link that leads to the application form. Provide all the details required and go through the form to make sure there are no errors. Submit the application.

  7. Receive feedback
  8. Wait for a response from the department under which the grant is managed.