What Federal Forms Can Be Found Online?


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Federal tax forms are available directly on the IRS website, reports the University of Washington School of Law. The IRS Forms & Publications page provides links to many forms and publications as well as the ability to search by topic, tax form and tax year.

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As of 2015, the IRS Forms & Publications page features links to forms W-9, W-4, 1040 and 9465, reports the IRS. Form 1040 is for filing personal tax returns, and form 9465 is for filing a request to make installment payments on a tax bill. Other personal income tax forms are available on the page as well.

The Forms & Publications page also provides links to forms 941 for employer quarterly tax returns and form 1099-MISC for independent contractors. It also features a wide variety of business tax forms along with instructions on how to fill them out. The IRS provides links to prior-year federal tax forms that date back almost 100 years.

Federal tax forms are also available for those who use assistive technology to access the IRS website, explains the IRS. Those forms are listed under Assessible on the Forms & Publications page. Instructions on how to fill out federal forms, file federal forms and calculate tax are also available directly through the IRS.

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