What Are Some Features of Zacks Investment Research?

What Are Some Features of Zacks Investment Research?

A free daily newsletter, portfolio tracker with Zacks Rank, Zacks Rank bull and bear stocks of the day, mutual fund research, and a search-and-compare-funds tool are some features of Zacks Investment Research. Ultimate, premium and free membership are available, as of 2015.

Stock recommendations and insights are highlighted in the Profit From the Pros e-newsletter, sent each day by Zacks. More than 40 writers and analysts contribute to the daily commentary provided on the website, states Zacks. A top bull stock and a bear stock are selected daily by Zacks experts.

The search-and-compare-funds tool allows investors to submit a ticker and then review a table of related mutual funds. This assists in choosing mutual funds with a better return, advises Zacks. Fidelity, Dreyfus and Vanguard are among the fund families that can be researched.

Zacks Rank has had a 26 percent annual average gain since 1986, proclaims Zacks. The stock-rating system allows investors to monitor their stocks. Stocks performing weakly are identified with a portfolio tracker that helps to manage stocks, EFTs and mutual funds.

Ultimate members have access to a dedicated services team that can be reached by phone or email to answer questions and concerns. Private and restricted stock pick samples are also available to Ultimate members, explains Zacks.