What Features Does a Walmart Supercenter Have?

What Features Does a Walmart Supercenter Have?

Walmart Supercenters are an average of 180,000 square feet and staffed by approximately 300 employees. The departments at Walmart Supercenters encompass home furnishings, toys, apparel, entertainment and groceries.

The presence of a grocery store alongside many other departments primarily distinguishes Walmart Supercenters from Walmart Discount Stores and Walmart Neighborhood Markets. Walmart Supercenter grocery stores sell fresh produce, meat, dairy, bakery and deli items under the Marketplace label, a Walmart sub-brand. Walmart sells health and beauty aids under the Equate Label, another sub-brand.

There are roughly 3,275 Walmart Supercenters in the United States, as of April 2015. Some are about 260,000 square feet, and many contain home improvement and hardware departments that offer custom paint colors and key-making. Mainstays is the Walmart home improvement sub-brand. The home improvement department may include furnishings, small appliances, bedding, outdoor living and horticulture, typically housed within a separate garden center.

Most Walmart Supercenters are open 24 hours a day and contain a variety of specialty shops, such as name-brand restaurants, health clinics, vision centers, salons and banks. Other specialty shops include Walmart money centers and auto shops, which sell tires, auto batteries and provide auto care services.

The entertainment department within some Walmart Supercenters may include electronics, photo processing services, cell phones, cellular service plan contracts and movies.