What Are Some Features of the Verizon Visa Rewards Debit Card?

Some features of the Verizon Visa Rewards debit card are that it is a prepaid card that customers may use anywhere Visa is accepted, and customers may earn points when using the card. Points earned through Verizon's residential services get added to the card and the Verizon Visa Rewards card is as good as cash, according to Verizon.

There is no limit as to the number of points a Verizon customer earns each year. Besides adding money to the Visa Rewards debit card, customers may also choose to redeem points for retailer's gift cards or donate the money to charity, notes Verizon.

To begin earning points, a customer must use one or more Verizon residential services such as FIOS or high-speed Internet. Register on the website using the My Verizon credentials and fill in the general information.

After registration, it takes from two to three weeks to receive the Visa card in the mail. Use the Visa Rewards card anywhere Visa is accepted.

The Verizon My Rewards card is reloadable, meaning customers may add to the balance with My Rewards Points at any time during the year. Points expire after one year and Verizon will notify the consumer when points are due to expire.