What Are Some Features of Vanilla Prepaid Cards?


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Two key features of all Vanilla prepaid cards arethat none of them require a credit check, and theyare all safer than cash, according to the company that makes them.Beyond these key features, there are otherfeatures that a couple of the cardsshare that theother does not, or that one card has that the other two donot have.

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There are three types of Vanilla cards: Vanilla Gift Card, OneVanilla Card and MyVanilla Card. The MyVanilla Card is unique from the others in that itis the only one thatis a personalized, reloadable debit card. The other cards are not reloadable.Cash can only beloaded onto them once, and then theyare meant to bethrown away or replaced by another MyVanilla Card.

The Vanilla Gift Card and OneVanilla Card can have cash infusions ranging from $20 to $500, as of March 2015. Neither of these cards require handing over any type of personal information before using them, and there are no fees whatsoever accrued after purchases are made.

The MyVanilla Card accommodates direct deposits, so it can be set up so that paychecks, in whole or in part, go directly onto the card. The money loaded onto it is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured as witha bank deposit.

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