What Are Some Features of a UBS Bank Account?

What Are Some Features of a UBS Bank Account?

There are several types of UBS bank accounts, each with different features. All basic personal accounts include e-banking, mobile banking and free account maintenance, though conditions apply on some types of accounts. Additional features vary, and some accounts come with a supplemental fee, according to UBS.

UBS offers personal accounts, current accounts, savings accounts, rental surety savings accounts, savings accounts for young people, investment fund accounts and time deposit accounts, states UBS.

Basic personal accounts provide free withdrawals in both Swiss francs and euros in ATMs in Switzerland. For an additional fee, a Maestro card allows for free worldwide account access. Current accounts allow for extra flexibility, granting access to the entire credit balance at any time, notes UBS.

Savings accounts supplement personal accounts and offer higher interest rates and free maintenance at any asset level. Rental surety savings accounts offer the same higher interest rate, with interest paid available for withdrawal at any time. Savings accounts for young people include preferential interest rates, transfer documentation and a small gift for the child, states UBS.

Investment fund accounts vary depending on a customer's desired risk profile. These accounts are available in Swiss francs, euros, or U.S. dollars. Time deposit accounts allow for flexible investment amounts at a fixed interest rate during a chosen term, explains UBS.