What Are Some Features of the Taco Bell Learning Zone?


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The Taco Bell Learning Zone is a virtual learning environment for company employees, organized in levels and featuring training modules, on-the-job checklists and online assessments, among other things. It includes courses ranging from an introduction for new hires to leadership programs for managers, according to Saba, the software developer that created the system.

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Yumi, the parent company of Taco Bell, began creating its Learning Zone in 2007 to deal with the challenge of training its large, global workforce uniformly in the face of high turnover and fast changes. Pizza Hut, KFC and other Yumi brands use the same platform, though each Learning Zone uses different modules based on the needs of the respective company and is graphically designed to fit into the company profile. The Learning Zone also gives central management automatic updates on the progress of employee training at every individual franchise.

Learning Zone provides training in technical skills for employees, as well as training for managers and prospective managers of restaurants. Top-end courses for managers above individual restaurant levels include training in human resources, finance and marketing. Typically, courses that formerly ran over a full day are now completed in Learning Zone and are broken down into several shorter sessions, spread out over several days, allowing a more efficient use of facilities and the workforce.

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