What Are the Features of a Sun Country Credit Card?

Cardholders receive Sun Country Ufly rewards points and one free checked bag per flight with the Sun Country Visa credit card, explains Sun Country Airlines. Cardholders also receive a 0 percent introductory rate on purchases for the first six months as well as a waiver of the first $69 annual fee.

The number of points earned varies depending on the purchase, notes Sun Country Airlines. A cardholder generally earns one point for each dollar spent using the card. However, cardholders earn two points for each dollar spent on Sun Country products such as airline tickets and upgrades and four points for each dollar spent on board a plane. The airline also offers 5,000 bonus points to those who spend $10,000 with the card over a 12-month period.

Cardholders may redeem points for Sun Country travel, reports Sun Country Airlines. The number of points needed for an award varies by distance and destination. Sun Country does not publish a redemption chart for its rewards program. Instead, travelers must select an itinerary to view the number of points needed for a trip. Members of Sun Country's Ufly rewards program may pool their points with other members to earn and use travel rewards. Sun Country requires members to earn 50,000 points to qualify for elite status, but only purchases made with the credit card on Sun Country products and services count toward this amount.