What Features Does ScoreSense Offer?

What Features Does ScoreSense Offer?

Some of the features offered by ScoreSense include credit monitoring, identity and personal protection and credit reports. ScoreSense is a company that provides services aimed at protecting individuals from financial fraud or identity theft. Guarding personal information and monitoring financial transactions is key to staying protected against fraud or identity theft, notes Equifax.

One of the features offered by ScoreSense regards credit reports and scores. This feature enables users to keep track of their performance with regards to borrowing and repayments. It essentially enables those with poor credit scores to improve on their shortcomings while encouraging those performing well to stay on the right track.

Another feature offered by this company is credit monitoring which enables individuals to keep track of their credit histories. This ultimately helps in guarding against identity theft, fraud or wrongful entries that may result in negative scores.

Identity and personal protection is another feature that allows users to stay updated with issues that may affect their personal or financial safety. The feature allows users to receive notifications regarding individuals with criminal records in the neighborhood, changes in important personal information and any criminal activity that may be related to the individual.

ScoreSense also has a learning center where users can acquire all the information they need to stay safe. Easy account management and a dispute resolution center are other important tools provided by the company, according to ScoreSense.