What Are Features of Patient Portal Websites?

What Are Features of Patient Portal Websites?

Patient portal websites offer various features, such as links to personal health records, forms and secure messaging with clinical staff. Prescription refill access and appointment requests are also available.

Patient portals are useful tools that provide patients with 24-hour access to their protected health information along with other unique services offered by their medical providers. These portals are secure and allow patients to view documents such as discharge summaries, immunization records and a list of recent doctor visits at their convenience.

Some of the benefits of a patient portal website include the enhancement of patient-provider communication and improving patient outcomes. These databases empower patients by giving them access to their medical records and direct access to medical providers. Quite often, patient portals also provide patients with supportive care between doctor's visits.

Individuals who are responsible for the care of a loved one may also benefit from using patient portals. Phone tag between patients and medical staff is a common problem with doctor's offices, and portals help to resolve this communication barrier and allow for quicker, more efficient supportive care.

Many patient portals are user-friendly for individuals who are fairly familiar with utilizing electronic databases. Most patient databases also offer technical assistance to individuals with questions or technical concerns.