What Features of Online Banking Make Banco Popular?


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Features such as 24-hour service, mobile banking and free online bill pay make Banco Popular a popular choice amongst consumers. Additional Banco Popular services include text alerts, mobile apps and online statements.

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The popularity of online banking is chiefly attributed to 24-hour service. Customers are no longer required to visit their bank in person to ascertain financial information, and often monitor account balances from home. Balance transfers are available, and money is commonly moved to and from checking, savings and money market accounts.

Banco Popular's mobile banking gives customers with smartphones access to their accounts from any place that receives a cellular or Wi-Fi signal. Account information is accessible with apps made for the iPhone and Android operating systems, and is controllable via text commands. Mobile banking often gives customers peace-of-mind, as it reduces the chance that an account will be overdrawn.

Free online bill pay and access to bank statements, another convenient aspect of Banco Popular's online system, means customers do not need to write and mail paper checks, or waste money on stamps. Receiving statements online is a good way to keep financial information secure and reduce paper clutter; it offers the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

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