What Features Does the Next Millennium Credit Card Offer?


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The biggest features of the Next Millennium credit card is that approval is guaranteed and it has a high credit line amount. This card is generally used by people with low or bad credit scores.

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The Next Millennium credit card has several positive features to offer potential customers. It is ideal for people with low credit ratings or no credit score as it enables them to build credit and have a line of credit available to them. Based on the credit score, the Next Millennium credit card can offer a line of credit from $300 to $10,000.

Some of the features offered by the Next Millennium credit card can include a guaranteed approval, the same benefits of using a MasterCard and a potentially high amount available. Application online can be done simply in a few minutes and involves no credit checks. There is no introductory annual percentage rate or period of time for the APR. Although there is no general late payment fee unless specified in the terms and conditions, there is an over limit fee that can be attributed.

The Next Millennium credit card also carries an annual fee of around $60 and has a fixed interest rate on purchases of almost 20 percent.

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