What Are Some Features of Mira-Fount Waterers?


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Miraco's Mira-Fount waterers are made out of durable, corrosion-resistant polyethylene plastic that is tough and can withstand high impacts from livestock interaction, and they all carry a 5-year warranty, according to Miraco. These watering devices use sloped, sealed bottoms to hold in water and make the waterers easier to clean of dirt and other livestock-related debris. Most of the Mira-Fount waterer models are also equipped with rolling ball closures that can be temporarily moved out of the way with a training bolt to help the livestock learn how to drink from the waterer when it is first introduced.

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Mira-Fount waterers do not require energy to use. The patented ball closure system coupled with insulation around the waterers' valves helps keep the water from freezing in cold temperatures while also keeping it cool in hot weather.

Different Mira-Fount waterers may have slightly different features depending on size. For example, some of the smallest Mira-Fount models feature water capacities of less than 8 gallons, while the larger models can hold more than 100 gallons, reports Vittetoe, Inc. The waterers may come in different shapes and sizes, with larger-capacity models taking up more space. Mira-Fount waterers may also have specialized design based on which animals will use them, with some featuring taller water reservoirs.

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