What Are the Best Features to Look for in a Home Paper Shredder?


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Home paper shredders should be able to handle a sufficient quantity of documents, have safety features if there are children or pets in the house and they should have the ability to shred the correct types of documents in the correct way. It is also important to get a bin that suits the size of room.

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A small shredder will take up less space but it may run slower and it may require more frequent emptying. The type of cut the shredder makes is also important. If the user wants high security, a diamond-cut or cross-cut shredder is better than a strip shredder. Also, it should be able to handle the right documents. For example, if the user wants to shred CDs or DVDs, they will need a shredder that has this feature.

Most home shredders are safe but, as an extra precaution, some have automatic shut off sensors. Finally, there is the size of the feed to consider. If the user is shredding single items, such as pieces of paper, cards and receipts, this will not matter. However, if multiple items are being shredded at the same time, this is an important consideration. A large input feed is therefore an important feature.

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