What Are the Features of Intuit's ViewMyPaycheck?


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Intuit's ViewMyPayCheck provides live, updated online pay stubs for the employees of a business to peruse at their leisure rather than having to wait for real-world mail service, using QuickBooks to see their paychecks and stubs. The utility also has configurable contact options that send users an email every time their paycheck roster is subject to alteration or updated with a new addition.

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The tax applications for employees are considerable. Employees can view an updated W-2 sheet at any time during the year, accessing it through their online account. This allows for easy, constant updates on an employee's tax status and for a good deal of early planning before tax season comes around.

The utility can sync with the Intuit cloud to connect computers and allow QuickBooks managers to assign other overseers and managers from the pool of employees with accounts in ViewMyPaycheck. This cloud service allows for easy cooperation and collaboration among managers and employees for the betterment of financial records.

Users can look at their most current paychecks at any time. They can also search through their backlog of previously received paychecks, enabling them to make a complete accounting of their finances and to develop an accurate database for budgeting concerns and other financial decision-making processes.

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