What Are the Features of the Horizon Gold Online Credit Card?

Features of the Horizon Gold credit card include access to special programs, such as discounts on prescriptions and limited legal assistance, no interest rate, and $500 of credit toward purchases through the Horizon Outlet online shopping catalog, reports Credit Card Menu. The Horizon Gold card is designed for people with bad credit, since no credit check is required to apply, and approval is guaranteed for applicants over age 18 with a Social Security number.

The Horizon Gold card can only be used at the online shopping outlet, Horizon Outlet online, explains Credit Card Menu. Items available for purchase through the Horizon Outlet include clothing and footwear for men, women and children, as well as toys, electronics, home goods and seasonal items. Only cardholders can access this shopping website.

A monthly membership fee of $24.95, as of October 2015, is charged to the Horizon Gold card, reports The Motley Fool. Individuals are cautioned to avoid applying for this card because of this monthly charge and other fees. Additionally, Horizon Gold makes no promises to report payments to any of the credit bureaus, except for a statement that the company reports cardholders' credit line at least one time to at least one credit reporting agency if appropriate documentation is submitted.