What Features Are Generally Included in a John Deere Combine?

Basic features on John Deere combines include 600R series platforms, available in widths of 4.3 to 10.7 meters; an interactive combine adjustment feature that automatically coordinates system settings based on harvest priorities entered by the operator; and spacious cabs. They also feature pro-drive transmissions for optimal speed control in rough terrain, and high flotation tires or 36-inch tracks. The combines' 600R headers include stainless steel, non-rust feed plates, and 600C series corn heads provide consistent output at a higher speed.

The 2015 John Deere S-series combines also feature active conclave isolation, especially effective for tough small grains and rice; an eight-wing feed accelerator; heavy-duty separator grates with two rows of interrupter bars; and 617 horsepower at peak power. The deluxe S-series operator cab allows push-button control of grain tank covers and the loading auger.

The T-series combines offer the largest active separation area of any combine. With a powered separation area of 2.80 meters squared on a five walker, and a 3.36 meters-squared powered separation area on a six walker, the T-series combine is touted as the largest combine walker on earth. The high-capacity feeder house featured on T-series combines evenly mats even tough, green crops, and its length provides the operator a full view without changing position.

The power tech diesel engines on John Deere combines use cooled exhaust gas recirculation and variable geometry turbochargers to meet Stage III B non-road emissions requirements.