What Are the Features of a GE Retail Bank Credit Card?


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Some features of a GE Retail Bank credit card include reward options, fixed payment and promotional financing, as noted on GECapital.com. The bank offers the cards through retailers who use them to encourage consumers to buy items from them at a slightly low price. GE Capital Bank also offers customized general purpose cards that are accepted worldwide and offers retailers a way to reward customers who use the cards daily.

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Conventional credit cards offer Visa and MasterCard access, but consumers can get private label credit cards through retailers that have partnered with GE Capital Bank and the issuing banks, such as Synchrony Bank, notes MySynchrony.com. Also known as store credit cards, private label cards can only be used for particular businesses. Customers usually use them for big purchases from a particular business, but can also use them for future purchases with or without a special financing offer.

Consumers can apply for GE Capital Bank credit cards through Synchrony Bank, which requests a credit report on all applicants from a reporting agency to review an application. Those who apply while in the store can receive feedback almost immediately. Approved applicants can use the cards to make future purchases from a certain retailer and enjoy special offers from the same retailer.

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