What Are Some Features of the GanttProject Management App?


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Features of the GanttProject productivity and project management app include the ability to create custom workflow and project requirement charts, assign projects and resources to members of a company or organization, and create custom formatting to distinguish between chart elements. It's also possible to collaborate with other users over an Internet connection or export the chart as an image, PDF or spreadsheet, as of 2015.

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GanttProject allows users to create custom charts to track the requirements for various projects within a company and assign different aspects of the project to employees. The Gantt Chart feature handles the majority of project work, including both major milestones and individual tasks. Each entry into the chart includes its own start date, custom priority value and formatting option. It's also possible to link entries with conditional rules, such as a rule stating that one project may only begin when another is completed.

The Resources feature of the app offers similar functionality, focusing instead on assigning tasks to employees. To create human resources, users must include basic contact information, pay rate and role. It is also possible to create nonhuman resources, such as work spaces, physical tools or software accounts. Each tool includes functionality to export segments or entire charts in a variety of formats for incorporation in other projects or direct sharing. The base GanntProject app does not require an Internet connection, though the tools does include online collaboration features.

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