What Are the Features of Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Valves?

What Are the Features of Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Valves?

Eaton’s Vickers brand industrial valve controls manufacturing equipment functionality in continuous-use manufacturing environments. Vickers brand valves also control automated functions in harsh environments. Eaton claims that its Vickers brand products have a long service lives and increase productivity in manufacturing plants.

Vickers boasts on its website that its industrial hydraulic valves are found on any manufacturing machine that is used to form, groove, cut, bore, clamp or inject. Vickers became a part of Eaton in 1999 and offers many types of industrial hydraulic valves, including check valves, flange valves and servo valves. Other offered valves include proportional flow valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional valves electronics and flow controls.

Vickers’ hydraulic check valve comes in several configurations, such as in-line, right angle and manifold-mounted. The Eaton hydraulic check valve promotes unidirectional fluid flow when pressure is applied upon the pilot port.

The Vickers servo valve regulates velocity and force in closed-loop control applications. Many different industries have machines using servo valves, such as primary metalworking, wood and paper processing.

Vickers’ proportional flow valves provide superior moisture resistance for durable fluid flow regulation. The proportional flow valve has no external wiring, with all the wiring being fit into the sturdy metal case.