What Are Some Features of an Earthship Home?


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Some features of an Earthship home include cisterns to collect rain and snow, solar panels for generating electricity and a greenhouse for producing food. The exact characteristics of an Earthship home depend on the model selected.

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Residents of Earthship homes produce food year round in the provided greenhouse with the option to add a fish pond or chicken coop. Optional wind turbines also are available features that help create electricity for Earthship homes.

The Simple Survival Earthship model home, or S-Pod, features hot water bag showers, a bucket flush toilet, one bedroom and miniature charging systems powerful enough to charge a laptop. The Global model series include the Waybee Earthship and Lemuria Earthship that residents can rent. These dog-friendly homes feature a garage, Wi-Fi and one to two bedrooms. The Phoenix model features a Jungle greenhouse, a fish pond and a fireplace. The Euro Earthship features a full bathroom with a shower, a full kitchen and a living room space.

Earthship homes are environmentally friendly buildings made of recycled material such as dirt-filled tires, glass bottles, stucco and plastic bottles created by Michael Reynolds since the 1970s. These homes use the concept of sustainability and biotecture. They are also buildable in almost any place in the world.

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