What Are Some Features of the Dayforce HCM Application?

The Dayforce HCM mobile application offers tools for workers and managers, allowing workers to clock in and out of shifts and giving management the ability to monitor whether employees have shown up for their work shifts, as reported on the iTunes App Store. The app also allows workers to submit requests for time off, and managers can then view and approve or deny these requests through the app; this information then appears on the worker's app, allowing her to view the status of her request. Workers and management can also use the app to coordinate work schedules.

Using the app's availability features, workers can mark out days on which they are not available to work. Management can then view this information and apply it while making employee shift schedules. The app also allows workers to view their employer's work schedule, meaning they do not need to physically stop in or place a phone call to work in order to find out when they are scheduled.

In addition to interacting with management, workers can also interact with other workers on the app by using its shift-trading feature, states Ceridian, the company that makes the Dayforce HCM app. The app is available on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores.