What Are Some Features of a Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager?

What Are Some Features of a Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager?

Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager features Hypervisor agnostic cloud support, cloud services automation, customer self-service and delegated control, dashboards, metering and billing, account management and IaaS management. Customers use the Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager to manage their accounts and control their IaaS services.

CloudPortal Business Manager enables an individual to add, stop or start virtual machines, allocate storage to virtual machines, set up load balancing, configure networking settings and define security rules.

The Hypervisor agnostic cloud support gives customers the freedom to choose the appropriate Hypervisor for their workloads including Citrix XenServer, KVM, VMware vSphere and Oracle VM.

The customer self-service and delegated control feature empowers customers with self-service so that they are able to shop for cloud services and manage their accounts without calling technical support. Granular and delegate access guarantees the right level of control for all cloud users, including resellers, customers and partners.

The dashboards, billing and metering feature enables customers and partners to view their cloud so as track usage, view available services, receive notifications and monitor system health. The automated billing feature calculates usage, processes payments and generates invoices.

CloudPortal Business Manager works in conjunction with Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds running on Citrix CloudPlatform. It also features powerful, easy-to-use account and partner management.