How Do You Get an FCC License?


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To obtain an FCC license, first pass a technical test administered by an approved coordinator. Once the test is passed, you must register with the FCC and obtain a number that then becomes your unique ID in all transactions with the FCC. If you registered before, use your registration number to proceed to the application. Next, access the Universal Licensing System, or ULS, on the FCC's website to file an electronic application.

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The ULS guides applicants to file for specific purposes and radio service codes or handles. Services covered by a license include satellite, cable, TV, radio and wire services. Other options are wireless operation and call signs for transportation. Additional forms and approval are needed for aircraft or ship operators. Proceed through the guided process through the end of the application.

Once submitted, pay the application fees. Wait for approval or contact from the FCC if additional information is required for licensing. Be prepared to wait at least two weeks before being approved, and do not operate until the approval is processed. If applying to use ham and two-way radio, even for personal use, you may need additional approval. Remember that transmitting before acquiring a license is a federal offense.

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