What Are the Fax Numbers for the Major Credit Bureaus?

As of 2015, the major credit bureaus do not have any fax numbers listed, but can be reached by phone or mail, notes About.com. Equifax can be contacted by phone at (800) 685-1111 for general credit report information and (866) 349-5191 to dispute credit report information, notes the official website.

TransUnion can be reached at (800) 888-4213, states Experian. The agency can be called at (800) 916-8800 for credit disputes and (800) 680-7289 to report identify theft, says TransUnion. Many of these options are available online for registered members. Users receive an annual credit report with Experian by dialing (877) 322-8228, says About.com. For fraud detection, customers call (888) 397-3742.