How Do You Find Fax Numbers?

To find fax numbers, access phone directory websites such as Whitepages and that provide them for free. Alternatively, use a business directory such as Also, access the company's website or contact it by phone or email to learn its fax number.

On the Whitepages and websites, click on the Business tab, and type in the business name and the associated city and state in the provided box. Click on Search, which should lead to a page that lists various companies by that name along with their addresses. Choose a company, and click on View Details next to it to display its other contact information, including phone and fax numbers.

The website requires users to register themselves to access the full contact details of various companies. While the registration is free, the website offers various plans at no or low costs to access company contact information.

When accessing the website of the company, open the Contact Us page, which is where sites normally list fax numbers. This page should also contain the email address and phone number of the business. If contacting the company over the phone, talk to the supervisor or manager. To obtain results quickly, search by typing the company name along with the term "fax number" on a search engine.