How Does Fast Track Auction Work?

How Does Fast Track Auction Work?

Fast Track Auction is an auction website that allows small businesses or organizations to auction assets to bidders online. In order to sell items, sellers must visit the Fast Track Auction website and submit a form to request a free auction analysis from the Fast Track Auction staff. To make purchases from these auctions, bidders must register with the website, submit a valid card to keep on file, enter their chosen auctions and bid on items using their individual bidder numbers, according to the Fast Track auction website.

Fast Track Auction bidders must follow a few steps in order to bid on auctioned items.

  1. Register on to the Fast Track Auction website
  2. Fill out the required form that requests personal information and shipping information. Input valid card information. Without this, bidders aren't allowed to participate in auctions, states the Fast Track Auction website. Create a password to use for future logins to Fast Track Auction and submit.

  3. Log in to chosen auction
  4. Choose an auction from the Fast Track Auction homepage. Once an individual auction is entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and input the bidder number received during registration.

  5. Place bids on desired item listings.
  6. Enter bid into the box directly to the right of the listing. A maximum bid may be entered in the next box over. Continue this process until the bidding time has closed.