What Is Fashion Marketing?

Fashion marketing is a line of work where people choose which fashion apparel end up in retail stores. Those who work in fashion marketing decide on the products they feel are likely to sell each season and then choose how to market them.

Those who work in fashion marketing examine the current fashion trends, restock a retailer's fashion lines, promote goods and coordinate the sale of the apparel and accessories. Fashion marketing is not about designing the clothing, a person working in fashion marketing is responsible for helping a fashion designer's line of clothing successfully sell. Those who work in fashion marketing have a combination of business sills as well as textiles knowledge, and an ability to identify consumer behavior, wants and needs.

Fashion marketing encompasses many positions. Those in fashion marketing could be a customer service representative, the owner of a retail establishment, a visual merchandiser, advertiser or fashion buyer. Duties vary by job. Someone who enjoys working with people may want to work as a customer service representative, and someone with a creative side may enjoy visual merchandising.

An associate or bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising or fashion marketing is desirable, and an individual holding one of those degrees could find work in an entry-level job in either the fashion merchandising or the fashion marketing field.