Why Is Fashion Bugs Closing?


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Fashion Bug retail shops were closed due to poor financial performance during the final years of their operation. The last Fashion Bug location was closed in 2013.

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Fashion Bug was a retail women's clothing store brand owned by Charming Shoppes. The first location opened in the 1960s, and hundreds more followed in subsequent years. Eventually, there would be more than 600 Fashion Bug locations across the United States. The brand performed well until the economic downturn that occurred in the mid-2000s, which forced Charming Shoppes to close hundreds of low-performing locations from 2008 through 2011.

Still unable to recover from the recession, Charming Shoppes was acquired by the Ascena Retail Group in 2012 for just under $900 million. Shortly after this, Ascena announced that it would eliminate the still-struggling Fashion Bug from its brand lineup. Other retail stores owned by the Ascena group are Lane Bryant, Maurice's, Dress Barn, Justice and Catherine's Plus. Despite having gone out of business, the brand still has many loyal enthusiasts. While Ascena has no plans, as of January 2015, to re-open the chain any time in the foreseeable future, Fashion Bug items can be still be found for sale and trade on e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon.

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