How Do Farmi Tractor Winches Work?


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Farmi tractor winches work by transforming a farm tractor into a log puller using a lever mechanism and a 541-foot cable, making it possible to pull logs from places a tractor cannot go. The winches have an upper pulley and a wide, rugged butt plate with notched beam, as noted by Farmi Forest Corporation.

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The winch is an economical method of logging for a person who already owns a tractor. A chainsaw is required for felling the trees in the desired direction, and to convert and stack the final product. To make maneuvering easier, large trees may be cut across to reduce the length of material dragged by the tractor. Up to four logs can be pulled at a time if the winch is equipped with a stacking plate.

One person can operate the winch efficiently. The operator should be able to stand at a safe distance from the winch while pulling the load for safety reasons. Most of the time, the tractor engine is just idling while pulling.

Farmi Forest invented the tractor three-point skidding winch in 1962. To this day, Farmi remains the standard by which most people judge winches. Use of winches in tree harvesting is a system designed to give high output in production with low investment in machinery, as stated by Benninghoff & Company-Forestry Consultant.

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