How Do You Get Farm Subsidy Checks?


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To get a farm subsidy check, first check with your local Farm Service Agency to see if your land qualifies for a subsidy, and if any are available in the area, explains the Houston Chronicle. If your farm qualifies for a subsidy, acquire the necessary forms from your local service agency or from the United States Department of Agriculture website, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

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To find a local service agency, use the interactive map on the United States Department of Agriculture website, according to the government agency. There are several federal subsidy programs available to chose from, notes EWG Farm Subsidies. The Counter-Cyclical Payments program provides farmers with a subsidy when the retail prices of his crops decrease. When a natural disaster destroys crops, land or livestock, the Disaster Payments subsidy program provides farmers with financial assistance.

Another subsidy program is the Conservation Reserve Program, which offers annual rental fees for land the farm owner chooses not to cultivate for a period of time, according to the Houston Chronicle. The land may also qualify for a direct subsidy, which gives direct payments for growing certain crops, such as wheat, oats and soybeans, with the payment amount dependent on the number of acres of land.

The Farm Service Agency determines the amount of financial assistance for land that qualifies for one of its programs based on the number of acres the farmer cultivates, explains the Houston Chronicle. The Farm Service Agency may require you to prove that you actively cultivate the land for business, which you may do so by providing copies of past income taxes.

After filling out the forms, mail or fax the finished form to your local service agency, states the United States Department of Agriculture.

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