How Do You Get Farm Subsidies?


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To get a farm subsidy, you must find out if any are available in your area, follow established government standards for farming, and submit proof that you are farming as a business venture. You need copies of your income taxes from prior years, proof of the amount of acreage you are farming, and sales records for your crop. You must apply for farm subsidies on a yearly basis.

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  1. Contact the local Farm Service Agency

    A local Farm Service Agency can provide information on the subsidies available in your area. Subsidies vary each year with the vote of Congress on a new farm bill.

  2. Follow government guidelines

    Once you have submitted an application, follow the government guidelines established for your crop. The guidelines are particular for different types of crops and may establish procedures such as how crops should be sprayed or what animals should be fed.

  3. Provide copies of income taxes

    Submit income tax records showing sales amounts for the crop. Subsidies are based on the difference in market value received and a set crop value established by the government.

  4. Provide proof of acreage

    Provide proof of the amount of acreage farmed. Larger farms generally receive a higher subsidy rate than smaller farms.

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